"A Charge to Keep I have"

 Minister Matthew Jenkins’ charge or calling to “serve this present” age is one that he exudes every day. While he recognizes the necessity to minister to all generations, he has a special concern for our youth and young adults. Because he accepted his call into ministry during his college years, Minister Jenkins understands the struggle to be committed to the cause of Christ during this difficult stage in life. Being comfortable in one’s own skin, navigating the terrains of expectation and disappointment, soliciting affirmation from love ones, making life altering decisions for the first time, and finding one’s purpose are just a few examples of issues this current generation has to face while in such a tempestuous time as this. Minister Jenkins has a special appreciation for this generation and looks anxiously forward to future ministry opportunities that will help and encourage our young people who are trying to live a life pleasing to our God.


Minister Jenkins also has a heart for young leaders. He has a ministry to encourage those young leaders who are trying to make a difference within our communities in different areas of service.  Transcending religious arenas, Minister Jenkins speaks to young leaders from other disciplines. Growing up as a young leader himself, Minister Jenkins knows the necessity for young innovators, entrepreneurs, and ministers to receive heartfelt ministry as well.


 As one of the youngest ministers at his church, Minister Jenkins encourages and supports young ministers who are trying to cultivate their ministry and “voice”. He also has a passion to endorse and promote other young ministers, who like himself, are trying to make a genuine impact in the lives of God’s people. Minister Jenkins remains committed to our young leaders, and believes this generation of leaders will continue to lead our communities with a strong degree of personal integrity and accountability.


Minister Matthew Jenkins has a love for all of God’s people and desires to everybody operating in the call and gifts that God has given to them. It is imperative in this season for there to be real ministry that is available to those who desire a greater relationship with our God. Honesty, transparency, passion and all components that Minister Matthew exudes and believes is a necessity for such a time as this. From senior citizens to youth Minister Jenkins understands that encouragement and love is needed along the continuum. This is why he counts it a privilege to share with seniors at their nursing homes, participate in youth and young adult conferences, nonprofit organizational work, and minister to churches in other capacities (Friends and Family days, Men’s Day, Singles Day, etc.). Minister Jenkins has been in ministry for five years and is excited to get to work and really make a tangible difference in the lives in the lives of God’s people in and outside of the church.

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